Saturday, 29 April 2017

Love and Truth

Love is a litmus test for truth. 

Whenever you see two sides debating an issue, you can usually tell who has the balance of truth on their side, by which side maintains a stance of love the best. 

The side which deteriorates quickest into name-calling, or deflects onto another issue, rather than stick to the topic of the debate, usually doesn't have the balance of truth on their side. 

But the side which is able to stick to the topic, with patient logic, usually has the balance of truth on their side.

You see this dynamic all the time in the pro-life v pro-abortion issue; and the pro traditional marriage v same sex marriage. One side deals with logic, the other deteriorates quickly into accusations of bigotry, misogyny, etc. 

Ironically they accuse their opponent of lacking love, all the while it's their side which shows the least love to the opposite ideology.

God is love and God is truth. That's why when someone has experienced truth and love, they have inside them a limitless supply of compassion for others who haven't found it yet and who oppose themselves.

Whereas people who haven't found truth and love yet, more quickly reach their limit, and it becomes unloving - even if they're arguing for love. 

This applies to discussing theology too!

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