Sunday, 9 April 2017

Make It Happen

When I was a teenager, while others were watching MTV or cartoons, I was asking questions like:

Is revival a sovereign move of God - or is it up to us to start one.

I read biographies, studying how revivals started. I also became interested in why they stopped.

I found that it's not rocket science. God always wants to pour out His Spirit: it's up to us to make it happen or prevent it from happening.

All God needs is a place and time. If we take the practical step of giving Him that, you'll see your desire.

Or we can just keep desiring it instead, praying for it, fasting about it, singing about it, inviting God to have His way, making the music louder, singing about it some more, and some more, and some more...and still not see it.

We're not waiting for God - He's waiting for us.

"Make it happen," Frank Houston used to say.

"If the Spirit doesn't move, I move the Spirit," Smith Wigglesworth said.

"I take, He undertakes," the hymnwriter wrote.

Even music and singing can get in the way of the manifestations of the Spirit becoming a move of God in our meeting.

Prayer-lines and altar calls can limit the touch of God to individuals who go to the front, rather than allowing the entire congregation to enter in or to be edified by the touch which others are receiving. Especially if music is dominating the whole time.

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