Monday, 6 November 2017

A 5mm Bolt and an 887,000 Ton Suspension Bridge

A problem with part-preterism, is that the logic on which it's founded, implies full-preterism. 

And problems with full-preterism include the facts that the resurrection didn't happen, marriage didn't end, the world didn't end, every eye didn't see Him, persecutions didn't end not even from Jews, the gospel hadn't reached every nation on earth, the Jews' tribulations didn't end, the gospel is still being preached among all nations, the final judgment spoken of in the Olivet discourse (yes, Matthew 25 is part of the Olivet discourse) didn't happen, we didn't judge angels, new heavens and a new earth weren't made, in AD70.

The preterist systems are based on always insisting on a narrower meaning of words than the Scripture itself always intended. It also involves an oversight of statements which speak of indeterminably long intervening timespans, such as "til the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled", and "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all nations [that's happening now] and then the end shall come".

Since a 5mm bolt can't possibly bear the whole weight of an 887,000 ton suspension-bridge, you know that it isn't - even if from one angle it may look like it is. If it isn't deducible already that the bolt isn't, it comes into obvious sight that it isn't, once you change your vantage-point just a little - then you can see what's really going on, and the place that little bolt has in the bigger picture of things, though it's an important place, is seen to not be everything it may have seemed to be from another angle. 

Same with the themes of the destruction of the Temple, and the Second Coming, and all its components, in the Bible. It wasn't all meant to happen in AD70, although some of it did - it isn't necessary even from a grammatical point of view to take it that it was all meant to.

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