Monday, 6 November 2017

The 'Plain Obvious' Hermeneutic

I suggest a hermeneutic, which I'll call "The Plain Obvious" hermeneutic. 

(Knowing that a 5mm bolt can't possibly hold up the whole weight of an 887,000 ton suspension-bridge, it's 'plain obvious' that the little bolt must not be holding it up even if from one angle it may look like it is.)

When you know that things like the second coming, visible to all, and the resurrection of all the dead, the end of the institution of marriage, the final judgment of all men, the judgement of angels, the end of the world, the defeat of death, the end of all tears, sorrow and pain, and new heavens and a new earth hasn't happened yet, it's 'plain obvious' that little terms like 'ye', and 'when ye see' etc. weren't intended to mean that the immediate audience whom Jesus was addressing in the Olivet discourse should live to see it all.

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