Friday, 10 November 2017

Out of the Shadow into the True

A lamb-sacrifice during Passover, didn't only remind the Jews of the original Passover in Egypt when they were redeemed from slavery - it kind of reiterated the fact that they were still in 'slavery' of sorts, and still needed real 'redemption'.

Same with reading the prophetic promises of restoration from exile: it didn't only remind them of a past restoration - it gave them hope in a further, much-needed restoration, a deeper restoration.

The Law didn't only confirm their privileged status as custodians of the promises of God: it showed-up their true state of bondage to sin and death.

The antics that natural Israel got up to in the wilderness, and in the promised-land, was still the bemoaned state of the human heart, even the Jewish one, after the exile - and for sure it never took God by surprise.

So God's redemptive plan for the world - and for the Jews themselves - was always going to revolve around His perfect Son. Jesus was the answer! Hallelujah. The gospel.

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