Saturday, 4 November 2017


"Whom he foreknew"

But God foreknows everybody does't He?

"I never knew you".

But Jesus knows everybody, doesn't He?

"After that ye came to know God, or rather, known of Him".

You mean that something could happen in order for them to come to be known by God?

And God knew in advance that that something would happen in order for them to come to be known by God.

So what does it mean. It means God began to interact with them; brought them into relationship with Him, and from that moment on acknowledged them, accepted them, dwelt in them. It means they came to feature legitimately in God's dealings and good plans (just like the promised Seed had).

So, by the preaching of the gospel, the Gentiles came to feature in God's plans in His Seed. From that moment God began interacting with them, on the same level He had with Israel, especially His Son, and believing Israelites.

And since God knew that was going to happen, He knew us in advance. Having known us in advance, He also predestined (in His plan) that we should be conformed to the image of His Son; and having done all that in His mind before creation, there came a moment in history where He began to call us (through the preaching of the gospel); and since it was a genuinely Divine call, it follows that He justifies us - that is, He declares us to be authoritatively in the right, which can only result in ultimate eternal glorification.  

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