Sunday, 9 October 2016

Abraham's Promise

God promised Abraham that in his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed.
Not in his 'seeds' plural, but in his 'seed' singular - which was Christ.
Abraham foresaw the Gospel ahead of time - the time when in Jesus people of all nations would be 'blessed' - made righteous, saved - regardless of ethnicity, and without the deeds of the Law-system.
The Promise pre-dated both the nation of Israel and the Law which was added later in the interim.
The fulfilment of the Promise which was for all nations, therefore assumes the removal of the Law-system and the removal of any spiritual distinction between the Gentiles and Israel, because the Law-system had been a barrier to the Gentiles.
A more effective system than the Law was required even for the Jews' sake also, seeing the Law had only left them condemned as sinners, along with the nations.
In the fulness of time the Promised Seed came...
...the Law, with its ceremonial system, which was against us, was nailed to Christ's cross.
All who believe on Him are made righteous and experience the Promised blessing - and the rest missed out.
It's all about Jesus, not about becoming observant of the old Law-system; one nation's citizens are not spiritually-favoured over all others.
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved..."
The same Good News - for everyone!
That's the plan which pre-dated Israel and the Law, for all mankind.
Israel's privilege, as custodians of that Promise, was really just that they got to be the first to hear the good news, and the first to spread it, if they believed.

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