Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Enjoy the Atonement Already!

Today isn't 'the day of atonement,' in a sense. Not really.

It's a day which culturally many modern Jews are calling the day of atonement.

But it's not really the day of atonement - not spiritually - and not even in terms of the Law-system which once defined it as such.

At most, culturally today could be called the anniversary of something which used to happen - something which once used to rightly be called the day of atonement, to some.

But in reality today is no more the day of atonement than it's grand final day!

It's only grand final day when the grand final actually gets played, right?

Similarly it's only the day of atonement if an atoning sacrifice is offered on that day - and that's not happening today.

It used to happen on this day, back when Israel was under the Old Covenant - an atoning sacrifice was offered. But it's not offered anymore, and isn't meant to be - not today, not on any day - because it was only the shadow.

The real atonement was made when Jesus offered Himself once for all for our sins.

By one offering God has justified and sanctified us forever - both Gentiles and Jews, without spiritual distinction - by grace through faith, completely independently of the old Law-system.

The shadow has been fulfilled. Christ is the substance. We have now received the atonement.

So rather than today being the 'day of atonement' - really we've already received the atonement - now we're simply and freely enjoying the aftermath of that - every day, and for eternity!

We only await the consummation of the promised-salvation (the fulfilment of which He has already inaugurated through His cross and resurrection) - when He comes the second time without sin unto salvation.

Of 'that Day' - the Day of His coming - no man knows the time, season, day nor hour - only the Father knows.

But except a man be born again, He cannot see the Kingdom of God - Jesus warned even a ruler of the Jews!

That's our blessed hope!

Meanwhile every day is simply called, 'Today'. The day which the Lord hath made. The day of salvation.

Therefore it's not an obligation to observe the day in any special way. You are free.

It's no longer possible for anyone to observe the day in the way the ancient Jews were once required to observe it, anyway.

Nevertheless if someone feels duty-bound by his conscience to regard certain days in some special way, he can.

Or if he just wants to regard the day culturally, making himself all things to all men so that he might by all means save some - then that's okay too.

It needn't be a divisive issue - every day is a good day to remember our Lord - to show forth His death 'til He come - to joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now [already] received the atonement.

In spirit and in truth - that's the kind of worshipers the Father is seeking.

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