Sunday, 23 October 2016

Blessed Israel

When I say that any plans God has for modern Israel can only be on the platform of the Gospel rather than on the lesser platform of the old Law, that's not to lower any of God's goodwill towards Israel - not at all. 

The Gospel took nothing away from Israel - in fact, it involves better promises than the Old Covenant. 

The Gospel raised the platform for the Jews - then raised the Gentiles to the same platform!

So God has the best-ever intentions for modern Israelis, just like we know He does for Americans, for Filipinos or for Australians. 

The sky is the limit for modern Israelis - and for all families and nations of the earth! Spiritually there's no distinction between the nationalities.

But the Gospel is the highest, the only and the final means by which anyone, including modern Israelis, can ever inherit the blessing - and it need not involve imitation Torah Feast-keeping.

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