Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to Pray for the Lost

A group of us used to get together every Monday - fasting and soaking in the Holy Spirit.

I desired to get a notebook in which to write the names of unsaved people we were praying for - and then we could tick their names off as they got saved.

I saw a 'vision' of a red book - larger than foolscap size - and I told the guys.

"Does it look like this?" one of the guys said - and produced a large, red ledger-book. Perfect!

So he wrote on the front cover, "The Book of Souls".

In it we each wrote the names of people we desired to see saved.

But rather than just ask God to save them, we prayed in a specific manner:

First we rebuked any specific demons which may have been hindering the person from coming to the Lord;

And then we 'claimed' every possible good influence upon them to draw them to the Lord.

I wrote down the name of a longterm friend who hadn't been to church for years. I rebuked two situations which I felt were a hindrance to him, and claimed that he be drawn to the Lord.

That week both those circumstances suddenly changed in his life; and on Sunday morning he even came and woke me up saying, "I'm coming to church with you today".

Another guy wrote the names of his family-members. Within just days his mother, brothers and sister had each gone to church and got saved.

One by one as people got saved, we placed a tick beside their names.

Many of these loved-ones had previously been prayed-about probably for months or years - but when we changed the way we prayed, we saw immediate changes. One person whose name I wrote still has not been saved; and someone who did get saved is currently not going to church: we can only do our part. Nevertheless you might be surprised by some immediate changes, when we do our part. Pray like this:

"Father, I ask that you draw ___ (name your loved-one) to the Lord;

I rebuke the spirit(s) of ___ which are hindering him/her from being free to respond to the Lord (if you know the specific hindrances, name it);

We claim every good influence upon him/her right now, to draw him/her to the Lord;

In Jesus' Name;

Thank you, Lord."

Now expect it!

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