Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Two Comings

Prophecies about Israel's salvation weren't delayed - rather the Apostles asserted that it had been fulfilled, but in an Already/Not Yet sense.
Yes, they said we still await the Second Coming, resurrection, judgment, salvation and eternal life in His Kingdom - and only the born-again shall see it. That's the Not-Yet aspect.
But in a very real sense they asserted that the King had already come into history; that through His death on the cross, judgment had already been enacted in some sense; and that through His resurrection, righteousness, salvation and even resurrection-life and the Kingdom of God had already been inaugurated, through Jesus Christ.
In Israel, for Israelis first of all - then afterwards Gentiles also began experiencing the very same salvation.
So, two comings of the Messiah - the Kingdom Now/Not Yet - Inauguration/Consummation.
That understanding permeated the Apostles' whole way of looking at the Old Testament Prophetic Scriptures! 
It's called the Gospel. 

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