Tuesday, 4 October 2016


There was due historical order by which the new man - Christ's body - the Church - came about:

First, in Israel...

...then from among the Gentiles.

That might have been pure 'Replacement Theology' if Messiah never came to the land of Israel - but He did come;

and the early Church was at first entirely Jewish, and in Jerusalem...

...then throughout Judea...

At first they preached to none but Jews.

And multitudes believed, including priests!

The rest of the Jews were missing out.

It was only some years later that Gentiles heard and partook of the same experience of the grace of God.

God then started using those believing-Gentiles to provoke even more Jews to faith.

That was the exact scenario foreseen by the Prophets.

'Israel' in Prophecy meant Israel in fulfilment, while Gentiles in fulfilment had said 'Gentiles' in Prophecy.

One new man was made - within Israel first, then from among Gentiles. By grace through faith in Jesus Christ without the deeds of the law.

Beginning in Jerusalem, then Judea, this Good News of the Kingdom was to be preached among all nations, to every creature not only Jews - and then the end will come, said Jesus. So the same scenario is to continue until the end.

The same Gospel: the Gospel of the Kingdom. Not a separate Gospel for Gentiles and a separate Gospel for Jews - there is to be no other Gospel, said Paul. Just the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel of grace is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

As for Jews, so for Gentiles. Historically among Jews first, then from among Gentiles - then both together simultaneouly under the same scheme at the same time - and then the end will come.

Then the Kingdom-salvation which has already been inaugurated through the cross and resurrection and announced through the Gospel of the Kingdom, shall be consummated - but only the born-again shall enter it!

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