Thursday, 6 October 2016

Ancient Migrations

For a long time I've thought many Australian aborigines likely shared some of their ancestry with some tribal southern Indians.

I've also thought seafaring, ancient tribal-type migrants arrived in Pacific island nations from the Philippines - from ancient tribal Taiwanese-type people. And then went southward from a Pacific island-group to ancient New Zealand.

Not from the modern, majority populations of the low-lying areas of the Philippines and Taiwan who have more of a mixture with Indonesians and Chinese who arrived later, I think. I'm thinking the earlier tribal groups, many of whom exist today mainly only in mountainous regions.

Most of their migration was southward and eastward, maybe even as far east as southern America, I thought - with one exception: I've thought their ancestors might also have ended-up as far Westward as ancient Madagascar.

It's closer to Africa than the Philippines or Borneo I realise - but the Africans might not have been as seafaring as the SE Asian island-nations.

I might also start giving some thought to the hypothesis that sophisticated society might not have been established at all in southern Africa anyway until relatively recently.

Most of these ideas of mine went against the grain of established academic/scientific thought - but recent studies have turned those previously-held dogmas on their heads and shown that my thoughts have been at least partly right.

I've also felt there's been some spiritual influence of an Indian-type in some part of the southern Philippines, but likely far more recently than ancient Australia's link with southern India. Modern studies deny any DNA link between India and the Filipinos though. So maybe the influence that I feel I'm detecting was only spiritual, religious, cultural rather than interbreeding. Perhaps the influence was brought with immigrating Indonesians. Or maybe it's even more modern. Or maybe the animism of ancient southern Filipino tribes had some influence from Indian religions in more ancient times. We'll have to wait and see. 

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