Tuesday, 14 June 2016

About Nahum

He was a nationalistic Jew, living in what was probably a Gentile city. Maybe he was captive there, along with others from Israel or Judah.

He had a vision about the downfall of Assyria, and its capital Nineveh. Israel was carried away captive by Assyria.

The history which came to pass in fulfilment of Nahum's vision, is an example of prophecies about the destruction of the Jews' enemy-nations coming to pass.

Many people instead place the fulfilment of such prophecies in the future. But the detail is decidedly ancient.

Some of the imagery is very obviously just that - imagery - not intended literally.

It could be that there is some still-eschatological aspect to Nahum's prophecy. But if so, a number of things are certain: certain details have already been fulfilled; Jesus is Messiah; and God's plans for the future don't involve a return to the shadow. 

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