Friday, 17 June 2016

How I Got a Job

When I was a teenager, our family often drove people to the international airport for missions-trips.

I often dreamed about the day when it would be me going on a mission!

But I knew I'd have to work a job for some time in future first, until the right time came.

One of those times at the airport I saw someone open an official-looking door and go inside.

I said to the Lord, "I don't know what goes on behind that door, but whatever it is, when I get a job, I want a job where I get to go through that door".

I'd come to really like airports.

Still I had quite some time to go before finishing school.

During my last year at school I worked a casual job; and when I graduated, my hours increased - but I didn't have anything permanent or full-time yet.

So I decided to fast for two days. The phone rang: someone offered a day's work. Then someone else rang offering a job, but still nothing full-time.

Then my pastor told me he'd received a call from a pastor in our sister-church in the city. A church-member there wished to employ a young person, and he wondered whether anyone in our church would be interested.

So I went for an interview, and the boss said, "You've got the job".

At that stage I really didn't have much idea what the job would entail. And I hadn't been thinking at all about the desire I'd uttered to the Lord that time at the airport back when I was still a student.

But as it turned out, from the first day, my job involved going to the airport and going through that very door twice every day!

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