Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Literary Evidence for Jesus

Someone cynically said, Why do we have less evidence for the existence of Jesus than we do for Julius Caesar?

That'd be a bit like comparing how famous the current President of the United States is worldwide, with how famous some other somewhat public but more local figure is worldwide.

You would expect to find written evidence more ubiquitously for the existence of the Emperor of a nearly worldwide Empire - than you'd expect to find for an unofficial public figure in what was considered merely a small outcrop of the Roman world at that time.

Comparatively speaking then, we can say that far more evidence exists for the person of Jesus than one would expect to find for such an unofficial person.

Unless of course, the claims made about Him are true. In which case it would make so much sense why we have comparatively so much that was written about Jesus in His own generation and soon afterwards.

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