Friday, 17 June 2016

Israel's Tribes

Deuteronomy indeed warned of deportation among the nations - but it didn't rule-out the possibility of restoration to their land. The Prophets prophesied both - and both came to pass. The NT lists more tribes as being present back in the land than just Judah, Benjamin and Levi. Paul mentioned all twelve tribes serving God, in his day. 

It was in that setting of fulfilled-prophecy that Messiah was to come. He did come - Jesus. But if the fulfilment of Israel's promised salvation and restoration to Levitical worship is still future, then Jesus was too early in history to be Messiah. That's the issue!

The other issue, if it's future, is it implies a return to Judaism in future. But that contradicts New Testament teaching.

Conclusions: prophecy was fulfilled, Messiah came, we won't be returning to Judaism.

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