Sunday, 26 June 2016


This Post is a solution to the problem posed in the previous Post.

The shadow isn't going in two directions.

As you look at the photo, the sun is behind you, casting a shadow (of that part of the house) forward over the pavers, and over the lower half of the glass fence; and casting shadows of the fence-posts forward over the pool.

But the top half of the glass fence is not in shadow, but is still receiving direct sunlight - and being glass, it reflects sunlight back towards you onto the pavers in front of you again, partially lighting-up some of the pavers which are in shadow, but not lighting them up quite as brilliantly as the pavers in the photo which are still receiving direct sunlight.

The fence posts however cannot reflect sunlight back towards you, like the glass can - so that part of the pavers remains darker, in full shadow, in the shape of the fence posts.

The shadows are only going one way - forward; but a reflection is coming back the other way, towards you - but only off the glass, not the posts.

The shadows aren't going in two directions - there's a relflection!


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