Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Paul on Law

Paul, I think said in essence:

...I insisted that Gentiles should not be obligated to become Observant.

...I also made sure my critics understood that while I opposed those who wanted to make the Gentiles Observant, being non-Observant wasn't a licence to sin...

...and in order to counter the wrong assumption that I despised the Jews' Law completely, I myself became as under the Law, to those who were under the Law

...while I became as without the Law to those who were without the Law and who should not be obligated to become under it

...I became all things to all men - although I'm actually free - so I could win some

...I'm free from the Law - yet not altogether without Divine morals and ethics - but I fulfil Divine principles, through my relationship with Christ.

...and this doesn't mean we make the Old Testament void of any usefulness - rather, it shows that the predictions contained in the Old Testament have now been established.

...our lifestyle fulfils the very intent of the Law - even better than being Observant was ever able to.

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