Sunday, 19 June 2016

Read the Epistles

The best way to understand OT prophecy, and probably Revelation too, I think - is to read the Epistles. And to read the speeches in the Book of Acts.

Because the Apostles had been with Jesus, and they were chosen by Him to teach us everything He had told them.

So the inspired interpretation of Bible-Prophecy is sourced with them - with the Apostles, in their Epistles.

The Synoptic Gospels mainly simply recorded the history of Jesus, more so than being teaching Epistles with application.

Only the Epistles, and the sermons in Acts, provided the direct Apostolic understanding and application of Jesus and the OT for us.

The Apostles seemed to treat much of Bible-Prophecy as fulfilled - fulfilled in inauguration, and with the consummation yet to come. 

The promised salvation, Kingdom, end, resurrection, judgement, and renewal of all things - the Apostles asserted that it had all been fulfilled in history already - on the ground in Israel, and in the person of Jesus the Messiah - in inauguration, spiritually - with the visible consummation still to come. 

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