Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How Not to Do Shavuot

A certain Jew wrote an article about "the surprising way I'm doing Shavuot this year".

Um...according to Moses' Law, there were to be no surprises in how a person kept Shavuot. It was Moses' way - or the highway!

"There are so many ways to be connected to Judaism," she said.

That might be true of modern Judaism - but it wasn't true of Moses' Law. There was only one way to connect with it, and that was to do it - exactly how it said to do it, not in your own surprising way.

And as we all know, that just isn't possible any more. It isn't possible to keep Shavuot - or the Law itself, as the complete social/ceremonial unit that it was - in the manner required by the Law.

The Law itself foresaw its own replacement with a New Covenant, made by Messiah, which is Jesus. The only thing to do therefore is to embrace Him. There's nothing else we can do, seeing the possibility of obeying the Law doesn't exist and can't exist again in future.

With Messiah you have everything - without Him you have nothing.

He is everything the Law and the Prophets foreshadowed and predicted.

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