Sunday, 12 June 2016

Is Jesus Coming Back to Jerusalem Exclusively?

I don't know if Jesus is coming back exclusively to the Mount of Olives or Jerusalem per se.
Jesus said if someone tells you He's come back to such-and-such a place, don't believe it.
Rather, "Every eye shall see Him".
For that to be possible implies there'll be the suspension of the normal physics of things, when He comes. So a specific mountain or city on earth wouldn't be of any unique essence, would it?
To say He's got to come back exclusively to a particular mountain or city, implies that other mountains and cities are inferior - and that's not consistent with New Testament truth, as I understand the New Testament: there is neither Jew nor Greek - the physical mountain and city were merely the shadow. He is coming back to the whole earth, and since Jerusalem is part of the earth, it's true to say He's coming back there - but not exclusively there. Maybe? But what would I know.

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