Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Remember v Fulfilled

A requirement in the Feast of Passover was the obligation to REMEMBER their ancestors' first passover-incident back in Egypt.
That wasn't an optional part of that Feast. If a person couldn't do that requirement, the Feast wasn't designed directly for that person.
My ancestors were never in Egypt, as far as I know - so I can't fulfil the obligation to 'remember' my ancestors' flight from Egypt, and therefore the Passover wasn't designed for me.
Obviously the Patriarchs before the Exodus never kept the Passover either - because they couldn't have 'remembered' an incident which hadn't happened yet!
The Passover was for Jews - not for me - and not before the Exodus.
Therefore although the Passover foreshadowed enduring ethics and spiritual realities, observing the Feast itself wasn't a timeless ethic.
The observation of it illustrated morals - but observing it isn't an enduring, universal moral in itself.
So in Christ we experience the spiritual realities which the Law modelled, without carrying-out the Law-system itself.
That's what the Apostles meant when they said both that there'd been a disannulling of the Commandment and that we establish the Law.

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