Saturday, 11 June 2016

Instructions for Gentiles

Of course the Apostles taught on the Sabbath days - synagogues were the obvious place to start to have an audience for their new message. Jews and Jewish-proselytes were there.

But they also taught on other days, from house to house, and in a secular lecture hall. 

But it doesn't follow that they taught Gentiles to become literally Observant of the Law. 

And even if Gentile-converts did become Sabbath-keepers, the Sabbath was but one commandment of the Law not the whole Law.

There was a distinction between the churches and the synagogues. The Law wasn't to be taught in the churches, the Apostles decreed. 

But Gentile believers didn't necessarily attend synagogues. Sometimes they were barred from synagogues, because of their faith in Jesus.

Yet their churches were not places where Moses' Law was imposed, according to the Jerusalem decree.

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