Saturday, 11 June 2016

Receive in Your Spirit

One time when Kenneth Hagin was laying hands on someone for healing of chronic headaches, he said, "You're trying to receive it with your head more so than with your spirit".

I thought, that can be the same with anything we receive from God. We are to receive from God primarily in our spirit.

Whether it's freedom from a guilty conscience; or guidance; healing or the Holy Spirit or salvation.

I remember Kenneth E. Hagin also saying that the devil tries to get you into the arena of the mind, because if you try to defeat the devil in the arena of reason, he'll beat you every time - but if you get him in the arena of faith, you'll beat him every time.

And, you can have doubts in your head and still have faith in the heart, Hagin also said.

Faith is of the heart.

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