Sunday, 19 June 2016

Empirical Method

The empirical method owes its popularity in Western civilisation to Christianity. 

Prior to Christianity, historically unsubstantiated claims were widely accepted as fact, in the religions, philosophies, and sciences of the West.

Christianity on the other hand was based on the objective history claimed by eyewitnesses that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead.

As Christ Jesus came to be believed on in society, it entrenched the idea that a hypothesis can be tested, observed, and measured objectively - and then concluded. Truth isn't merely subject to the whims of an individual.

That method then began to be applied not just to religion, but to every aspect of society, such as science.

And later, to politics.

Europe then began to influence the rest of the world.

The empirical method and all the improvements it's brought worldwide - it owes its popularity to Jesus Christ.

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