Sunday, 19 June 2016

Paul On the Law

A so-called Hebrew-roots believer expressed disdain the a Christian can quote the Law, and yet say we're not under the Law.
Another was horrified when I made statements about the Law which Paul himself had said. Paul made both kinds of statements about the Law. If I mean what Paul meant, I can say what Paul said. I can say both that I'm not under the Law, and that I establish the Law. I can say both that the law was weak and unprofitable, and that the law is good if a person uses it appropriately. I can say both that there's been a disannulling of the commandment, and that we don't make void the law. Paul said both. So can I. As long as I mean what he meant. We ought to face everything Paul said about the Law, not just one type of statement - and we ought to honestly allow each of his statements to qualify what he intended by the other.

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