Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What Would Be the Chances - Cebuano Ministry on the Gold Coast,Queensland

One Saturday morning I decided to walk to our church's men's meeting instead of driving. It's 6.8km away.

Before leaving the house, I did something I've never done in Australia before. I put my Cebuano New Testament in my pocket.

On the way - when I was just over halfway there - I prayed a prayer of consecration to do whatever God wills.

Straightaway in response to my prayer I felt God ask me to turn and walk up a side street.

I did so. And I came to a lady who was washing a caravan.

I began to talk to her, and discovered that she had only recently arrived in Australia from a remote part of Surigao in Mindanao, Philippines, and was feeling quite disconnected and distressed - and she spoke Cebuano.

So I pulled out my Cebuano New Testament from my pocket, and shared the Gospel with her using all of the Cebuano I could, and invited her to our Filipino church.

I imagine the chances of meeting a Cebuano-speaking Australian who'd happened to have been to her remote part of her country and who happened to have a New Testament in her dialect in his back pocket, would have been quite slim in downtown Broadbeach, Qld. But she met one that day! 

The next day, Sunday, she found her way to the Filipino church, where other Filipinos - believers - hugged her and comforted her and our Filipino pastor prayed for her.

The Holy Spirit can arrange to use us to meet someone's needs - especially when we stop and ask for His will. 

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