Monday, 9 December 2013

Understanding God's Covenants

God made a covenant with David concerning His seed. The throne of his seed would continue forever.

Soon afterwards part of the kingdom was torn away from David's descendants.

And there came a time when the sceptre departed from Judah also.

But before that happened, Shiloh came. The seed of David. The King of kings and Lord of lords - Jesus Christ.

He sat upon the throne of David, as Solomon had sat upon the throne of the Lord.

God's covenant can appear to be broken in a physical ethnic general sense, but realised fully in a specific sense.

The same applies to God's covenant with Levi.

And to God's covenant with Israel.

And God's covenant with Abraham.

Christ inherited it, and us in Christ.

The election has obtained it - whether Jew or Gentile - and the rest were hardened as a consequence of their unbelief.

But they can be grafted back in again if they continue not in unbelief.

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