Thursday, 5 December 2013

God Delights in Meeting Detailed Requests

I was walking home to Raceview from the Ipswich Transit Centre, after arriving back from a ministry trip to Warwick.

While I was walking up Chermside Road, the Lord asked me, "Would you like Me to have someone pick you up?"

I thought about it.

Then He asked, "Where would you like Me to have them pick you up?"

I answered, "I'm going to turn left up here. Have them pick me up just around the corner".

I walked a little further up then turned left.

Just metres around the corner someone driving past saw me. He said hello and asked if I wanted a lift home. It was my friend Paul Williams.

God is more delighted to give than we are to ask.

If you don't have something it's because you haven't asked.

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