Monday, 30 December 2013

Christ is All and in All

The Mosaic calendar was Jerusalem-centric. It can't be observed in the southern hemisphere.

Their beginning of the year was in spring. It commemorated the Hebrew's deliverance from Egypt.

For us in the southern hemisphere, it would be autumn at that time.

Their feasts of harvest would for us not be harvest time at all.

That's one reason why Jerusalem was the exclusive place of worship for all nations in those days.

But Jesus came for all nations.

That's one reason why He said the time has come when we would no longer worship in Jerusalem, but in spirit and in truth.

He fulfilled the feasts.

His resurrection created one new man in Christ Jesus where there is no longer any distinction between one place and another, between Jew and Gentile, male and female, bond and free, between any calendar days, and between any foods.

Christ is all and in all.

Worship God in spirit and in truth - you don't need to add any external observances to your worship in order to be fully acceptable to God.

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