Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Most Memorable Valentines Day

One Valentines Day my mum and I were invited to attend a renewal of wedding vows at Runaway Bay, Qld.

Before going I claimed that I would have the opportunity to share the Gospel with someone during the event and lead one soul to Christ.

After arriving I started looking around to see who the Lord might have prepared for me to share with.

I saw a young man looking a little forlorn, sitting alone in a corner. I knew he was the one.

So I approached him and began to talk. He said he'd only just arrived in Australia from the Philippines. 

In the Philippines he'd had to act as the man of the family.

And since arriving in Australia to be with his mum, his relationship with her was strained, and his living arrangement wasn't working out. 

I shared with him about being born again and saved through asking Jesus Christ as Lord into his life.

He shared that he'd attended some Baptist meetings in the Philippines but had not yet been saved but desired God.

He followed me in the prayer of receiving Jesus as his Saviour. He was grateful in his heart.

He started attending a local church where a lot of other Filipinos go, and even started playing guitar in the worship band.

Our church's Filipino pastor helped him with the relationship problem with his mum and also with the accommodation situation.

That was a few years ago now. It gave me delight last time I heard that all was at peace in his relationships, accommodation, career, ministry, fellowship and worship. 

By prayer and faith you can claim a witnessing opportunity and a soul for Christ.

It turns an ordinary day into an eternally fruitful and memorable day. 

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