Monday, 9 December 2013

Food Laws

Don't call common what I have cleansed.

The issue with food laws was not so much to do with whether or not the food was healthy for us to eat.

It was more to do with whether or not the animal was common as opposed to sanctified.

Clean or unclean meant ceremonially worthy or ceremonial inadmissable rather than physically healthy to eat or not.

Some animals came to be recognised after the fall as common and others as special.

Moses' Law put the distinction in writing.

But in Christ all meats are cleansed. Nothing is profane of itself. Nothing is common. Nothing is unclean.

Anything is allowed.

We're free.

Christ is sufficient for us.

But it might be loving not to eat something if it's going to influence a less confident believer to violate his conscience.

And love fulfils the Law.

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