Saturday, 14 December 2013

What Law Does God Write on Our Hearts?

In the New Covenant, God writes His laws in our born-again hearts.

What law does He write in our hearts?

Some say God only has one Law and it's never changed. Therefore, they insist, it must be Moses' Law which God writes in our new heart.

And these people set out on a futile attempt to try to keep Moses' Law.

But keeping Moses' Law exactly as it was written is a logistical impossibility today, since the Levitical priesthood and altar no longer exist.

Can it be said that God writes His Law in our heart and it not be Moses' Law?

God has been known to do such a thing before!

For example, Paul explained that the Gentiles, having not the Law, had the law written in their hearts. Which Law did they have written in their hearts? They didn't have all of the same details written in their hearts that were written in Moses' Law. Otherwise we would have seen them instinctively travelling to Jerusalem to offer a burnt offering on the altar every time they sinned. But that would have been logistically impossible for some of them! But we did see God writing a basic knowledge of His own existence, and of right and wrong, in the Gentile's hearts.

So it's been possible in the past for God to write His laws in hearts and it not to be Moses' Law that He wrote. Therefore it needn't be considered inconsistent with the grandiose statements about Moses' Law to say that the law which God writes in our born-again hearts is not exactly Moses' Law.

It's a new commandment. It's a new covenant, based in fact on better promises. It has a greater glory than the former covenant.

Jesus said the hour is coming and now is when the Father seeks the true worshippers who will worship Him not in Jerusalem, as Moses' Law demanded, but in spirit and in truth.

It's not based around Israel's coming out of Egypt. It's not Jerusalem-centric.

It's all new in Jesus now.

God has written His law in our hearts!

It's not exactly Moses' Law.

And yet His new commandment fulfils the ethics and prophecies of the old law, on every point. And so will our behaviour, as we yield to the Holy Spirit inside us.


As the song said:

He's all I need
He's all I need
Jesus is all I need!

Christ Jesus. Embrace Him now. He's all you need and more!

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