Wednesday, 25 December 2013

New Testament Interpretation of Old Testament Prophecy

A good exercise to do is to look at every Old Testament verse of Scripture which the Apostles quote in the New Testament. Take note of how the Apostles applied the verse. Then consider the verses around it in that light.

I find that many passages which are often today thought to be about end-times, were actually shown to be about Christ. I see the Apostles using such passages not to make a point about the end-times, but to explain Gospel truths which were already relevant in the first century.

The Apostolic interpretation of Old Testament Scripture supports the Gospel they preached that Christ fulfilled prophecy and vision and promise, that the Law of Moses was annulled, and that the Church's  task now is to continue preaching the Gospel among all nations - and then the end shall come.

The Apostles, rather than awaiting a future fulfilment of many such prophetic passages in Israel in the end-times, seem instead to explain the manner in which such passages had already found their fulfilment through Christ and the Gospel and the Church.

This is a different way of applying such Scriptures to the way many modern so-called Jewish-roots believers and end-times teachers are applying them. And it's an important difference - just as a different diet is going to be felt in the body after a while.

But you can come to your own conclusions as you do this exercise yourself.

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