Saturday, 14 December 2013

Scripture Interprets Scripture

Everything the Bible says can be understood by everything that the Bible says.

Everything Jesus stated is understandable by considering everything else that Jesus said.

We can understand how one part of the Bible applies by considering what every part of the Bible says about every other part.

There shouldn't therefore be any need to cite post-Biblical sources in Judaism in order to know what God expects of us today as far as how to obey Moses' Law goes.

We ought to be able to figure it out by reading the Bible itself - applying each section of the Bible in the way that fits what every other section of the Bible has to say about it.

So for example, in parts of the Bible before the Law was given (Genesis), we are told that God promised to Abraham before he was even circumcised, to one day save all nations of the world through Abraham's seed (which is Christ);

then the books of the Law were written later, which had provisos which were exclusively for the Jewish descendants; and the Law and the Prophetic books each spoke about a new Prophet - Christ, and a New Covenant - coming in future, which would be for believing Jews and include believing Gentiles.

Then in the Four Gospels we see Jesus came, obeying the Law, fulfilling the Prophets and inaugurating the New Covenant which the Law and the Prophets and the promises to Abraham had spoken about. We see Jesus' fulfilling the Law and also speaking about changes.

Then we have the Acts and Epistles which showed and taught how it all panned out for the churches and how the Old Testament had come to fulfilment. We see the manner in which they applied or didn't apply parts of the Old Testament.

Everything points to Christ really. It's all about Christ. He is the right spiritual diet.

He was promised before the Law, He was foreshadowed and typified by the Law, He was prophesied in the Law and Prophets, He obeyed the Law and Prophets and fulfilled them, He spoke of the new covenant, the Acts and Epistles were all about Him.

Of course we're all going to be at varying levels of understanding and conscience. We just have to allow each other to do our own journey of discovery at the pace that our consciences need to, aiming to keep getting on well and love each other.

I know I don't understand any topic yet like I ought to.

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