Monday, 9 December 2013

God 's Covenant with Levi

It was said that God's covenant with Levi would never end.

That meant, it would never end, so long as the broader covenant of which it was part - the broader covenant that God made with Israel when He brought them up out from Egypt - still stood.

But once the old covenant with Israel would be eclipsed by the new covenant, it follows that the covenant with Levi, which was part of the old covenant, would also be eclipsed.

God's covenant with Levi was of life and peace - not just about priesthood. The Levitical priesthood was always meant to be eclipsed by the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ did offer life and peace to all Israel who believe, including to the Levites. No doubt many Levites did believe and receive life and peace with God through Jesus Christ.

Therefore in Christ God's covenant with Levi of life and peace has not been broken but fulfilled.

But that doesn't mean God ever intended for the Levitical priesthood to be perpetual after the New Covenant began.

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