Monday, 9 December 2013

The Law Included a Sunset Clause

Jesus referred to "their law" and then quoted the Psalms.

The concept of Law is broader than just the Ten Commandments, and broader than the first five books of the Old Testament.

Considering the Law as a whole, the Old Covenant Law can be seen to have prophesied its own future demise. It was a contract that included a sunset clause.

Therefore to keep the Old Covenant Law - the Law He made with Israel when He brought them up out of Egypt - after the time of the sunset clause, is not valid, and can't really be said to be keeping the Law.

The only way to keep the whole Law, including its sunset clause which was part of the whole Law, is to acknowledge that the Old Covenant Law is now over.

In other words, we keep the Law best by not keeping it.

To attempt to keep it, is to break it, in a sense.

It's wilful ignorance of the fact that the Law itself said it would be finished by now. 

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