Monday, 6 January 2014

How to Reduce Abortion

Besides promoting more adoptions, perhaps another strategy to reducing abortion in our country could be our own fertility. 

Christians are blessed with the promise of higher fertility and dominion (Deuteronomy 28); but abortion (and homosexuality) are like self-enacted judgments or curses, because it eliminates or reduces their own posterity. 

So suppose out of every 10 women in Australia, one is blessed with four children - while one woman has three children; two have two children; three have one child; and three have none. 

Now suppose each child has about as many kids as their mother. It only takes two generations before the blessed woman's line is producing nearly half of all of the children. 

This models that the 20% most fertile women produce nearly half of all of the children in the second generation; meanwhile the least fertile eventually breed their own type nearly out of existence.
                                                         (Adapted from David Burbridge.)

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