Sunday, 5 January 2014

What is Israel's Future

Some think that the promises concerning Israel have been postponed until a time immediately before the second coming of Christ.

But neither the Gospels, nor the Epistles, nor the Book of Revelation seemed to portray a picture of a grandiose, nationwide peace for the godly in Israel in the end-time. Rather, they spoke of war and tribulation.

Others say it's been postponed until "The Millennium".

But the promises to which they refer either imply a functioning Levitical priesthood - which would be irrelevant and impossible in future, and which must therefore have already been fulfilled.

The Apostolic application of the promises seems to be this:

They hadn't failed. They hadn't been postponed. They'd been fulfilled in Christ - and the believers were inheriting it, as were the Gentiles, and the rest were hardened.

They showed that this dual outcome had in fact been foreseen by the Prophets themselves.

God's ultimate plans for Israel - and for the whole world - all revolve around Christ - crucified, and coming again.

Only those who believe do enter in the Kingdom.

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