Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Future for Jerusalem

If Bible-prophecy requires that the physical city of Jerusalem must be fully restored in every way in future, prior to the second coming of Christ - why then must a New Jerusalem be brought from heaven to earth, fully prepared like a bride for her husband?

Elias verily comes and restores all things. But Jesus said John the Baptist was he. John came announcing the restoration, but only some believed.

The restitution of all things which believers inherited in hope through the Gospel, awaits its ultimate consummation at the second coming of Christ, whom the heavens must retain until the time of the restitution of all things. The dead shall be raised - some to eternal life, others to damnation.

Therefore it is only the remnant that shall inherit all things, at His coming. The remnant, with Gentiles included, comprise the heavenly Jerusalem. In that day God shall make up His jewels. Are you one of His jewels?

Prior to the second-coming of Christ though, the consummation of the restoration of all things isn't going to happen for anyone, anywhere - not even in Jerusalem.

Of course we wish for good things in the city of Jerusalem, as we do in every other city of the world - for the Jews are beloved for the fathers' sakes.

But many of the Bible's prophecies about restoration referred to the restoration from Babylon; or to the hope of eternal salvation which was brought to believers through the Gospel, which was first announced by John, then by the Lord and the Apostles; or refer to the consummation of hope at His coming - but don't necessarily refer to the future of the physical city of Jerusalem prior to the second coming.

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