Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Day of Vengeance

In Luke 4 Jesus stood up and read from Isaiah 61:1-2. Luke doesn't record that Jesus read the line about "the day of vengeance of our God".

But Jesus did discuss the day of vengeance of our God. Take Matthew 24 for example. When describing the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple and city, Jesus said, "These be the days of vengeance, that all things that are written might be fulfilled".

John the Baptist also declared it. He mentioned the ax laid to the root and the fire.

The Apostles mentioned it too.

The message of the Gospel was a ministry of salvation for the Jews and of impending judgment for the Jews at the same time.

This duality fulfills the Law and the Prophets. The remnant believed, and the rest became hardened - at the same time.

Jerusalem's tragedy soon followed, just as proclaimed.

The same message is still part of the Gospel. It's an offer of salvation, and a warning of eternal judgment, within the same message.

And no-one knows how long it will be until the end.

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