Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wider Meaning of Prophecy

Sometimes I think we seem to think that because prophecies about Israel described great glory, it must be yet to happen in the future.

But we forget that the Old Covenant was glorious. It's just that the New Covenant is more glorious.

The regathering from Babylon and the rebuilding of the Temple were glorious.

We also don't notice that the grandiose language was sometimes symbolic.

And we need to notice how Paul explained some of the prophecies. It wasn't that the prophecies had failed - nor did he teach a future fulfilment of the prophecies - rather he explained that the prophecies were fulfilled in the remnant of them that believe while those who did not believe missed out. And he pointed out that the prophets also foresaw this dual outcome.

There is a coming worldwide day of personal judgment and heavenly glory.

But much of the Old Covenant prophecies concerning Israel were already fulfilled by that moment in history when the Old Covenant transitioned into the New Covenant, by Christ Jesus our Lord and only Saviour.

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