Monday, 6 January 2014

Jesus' Intentions for the Church

Jesus commanded a leper to go to a priest and offer for his cleansing the sacrifice which Moses' commanded.

He instructed the Apostles not to preach in any Gentile city.

Jesus said He was not sent for anyone except for Jews.

He was against Jewish teachers having an attitude of disdain for Moses' Law and for God.

He taught the true heart of the Law to those who, at the time, were still under the Law.

But that's not all Jesus said. He also began revealing some changes - some new things - which were soon to come, such as:

A new manner of worship - no longer in Jerusalem, but in spirit and in truth.

No longer the Old Covenant passover and Law - but the new covenant in His blood.

No longer for Jews exclusively - but for all nations.

Therefore if we want to obey Jesus' words today, it requires an understanding of His overall intentionJesus' 31/2 year ministry was as a prophet to Jews under the Old Covenant, to prepare their hearts for the New Covenant. His death inaugurated the New Covenant. He said things would be new and different under the New Covenant.

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