Saturday, 4 January 2014

Reporting Miracles with Integrity

Reading evangelists' reports of healings unfortunately doesn't always inspire a lot of excitement in me. There have been too many flippant claims of miracles. There's room for a clean-up in this area.

Similar with reports of salvations. There have been too many large crusades where, despite claims of large numbers of salvations during the crusade, pastors afterwards reported that no-one was immediately added to the churches.

It's sad because a lot of people are really getting healed. And a lot of people who respond in crusades do later end-up going on with the Lord. But some of us have become skeptical even about the true reports, because of flippant reporting in the past.

For example, I've heard personal firsthand eyewitness reports of healing miracles that happened during miracle crusades. And I personally know of numerous people who are going to church, some even serving in full-time ministry, decades after being saved in a crusade.

So we should still have large healing crusades. Jesus still had them even though only 120 people of the multitudes were waiting in the upper room on the day of Pentecost.

Nevertheless I still think there's room for a clean up in the way some results are being reported. If people know we've duly investigated our claims before we report them, it will inspire even more faith and praise and glory to our wonderful Lord Whom we love and serve.

The Four Gospels are a record of infallible proofs. The writers didn't expect anyone to believe anything that they weren't delighted to prove. 

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