Saturday, 4 January 2014

Were God's Promises to Israel Postponed?

The state of the Church does not reflect the State of Israel, as some say.

Rather, Israel reflected the state of the (nations of the) Gentiles: both alike are concluded under sin. Meanwhile the Church inherited the promised righteousness.

Therefore God's Church is actually in an opposite state to the State of Israel and the nations.

See, the fulfilment of God's Word was never dependant on a nationwide response from Israel.

There hasn't been a postponement of the promises due to Israel's unresponsiveness.

The purpose, promises, and prophecies of God's Word are not awaiting fulfilment.

All the promises of God were fulfilled in Christ. All who believed in Him inherited the promises, whether Jew or Gentile. And the rest were hardened as a consequence.

Despite having lost any covenant rights it had, God permitted a remnant of the Jewish nation to remain, and they were beloved for the fathers' sakes - just as He also permitted a time for the heathen nations to exist. He set boundaries for the countries and caused His sun to shine and His rain to fall on all.

The opportunity to receive mercy therefore still existed for Israelies as well as Gentiles, through repentance and faith. And the rest missed out.

The Apostles interpreted and applied Bible-prophecy in this way and no other. This is the exact outcome that was forseen in the Law and the Prophets. 

If therefore there is ever going to come a nationwide salvation of the State of Israel in the future, it can come only one way - and that is through individuals becoming Christians. 

The opportunity to inherit the promised salvation and glory is currently here.

There can never be any other means to inherit the promises - not for anyone, in any nation, anywhere, ever - other than by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is all and in all!

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