Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Thought About Biblical Theology

I'm currently thinking that the Gospel to the Gentiles is not just an interim thing while we wait for God to get back to fulfilling Old Testament Prophecies about the Jews in future.
Rather, the Gospel is the fulfilment of God's Promises to the Jews.
It's just that only believing Jews received it.
Then Gentiles also heard the same Gospel, and believed.
If the Promises/Prophecies are instead by-and-large still future, then:
  • It implies a return to Judaism in future; and
  • It would imply Jesus was too early in history to be Messiah
- (because the Prophecies described Messiah coming in the context of Levitical worship being carried out in Israel).
Messiah and His Kingdom indeed came in that historical context, only in two phases, as Prophesied:
First coming/second coming
Kingdom within/Kingdom visible
And only the born-again enter the Kingdom - Now/Not Yet.
The time that spans in-between is not of the essence.
The Promise, the Law and Prophecy were all about JESUS.
There's only one spiritual program for all men, now and forever: and that's JESUS - regardless of ethnicity, and without needing to involve religious-Judaism.

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