Saturday, 9 July 2016

David Their King

An Old Testament Prophet foresaw a time when Israel would seek David their King.

David, was symbolic for Messiah. (Similarly to how Elijah, predicted in Malachi, was symbolic for John the Baptist.)

But that doesn't necessarily place the fulfilment of the prophecy in the future. It said they would seek David their King. You don't seek someone you already have with you! The redeemed won't need to seek the Lord, in the future eternal state: because He will dwell with them, and they with Him.

But from the return from Babylon, Israel would begin seeking the coming of Messiah. And that happened! Interest in a coming Messiah increased to a fervent pitch in Israel, after the return from Babylon.

Since the prophecy is not about a future time, but about a time beginning at the return from Babylon, the Levitical worship described in the passage also is not future, but described the Levitical worship which resumed in Israel at the return from Babylon, and carried on until the end of the second temple period (circa AD70).

By that time, 'David' their king - Messiah, whom they sought - had come.

But He will come the second time not to bear our sin but to manifest the salvation of God which we have already received in our spirit.

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