Sunday, 3 July 2016

Jesus Made All Things New

Certainly Jesus complied with all of Moses' Law. But He never intended by that that all of us should continue literally keeping all of Moses' law forever. Animal sacrifices for sin, for example - a huge part of the Law - are no longer needed, even though Jesus did tell people to go to the priests and offer, at that time.

But it's not something Jesus requires now. This side of the cross. 

So just because Jesus kept the Law, and told Jews to at that time, doesn't necessarily mean He intended that all believers all over the world for all time on the other side of the cross should also. He actually said things which indicated differently. 

Yes many believers were zealous for the Law, after the cross. Paul himself kept the law sometimes, too. But he explained why. He did it to be all things to all men, so he could win some - even though he said he was actually free from obligation to. He said that. 

I think it's clear that Gentile believers in Jesus were not obligated to become Observant. Acts makes that clear to me. As do Paul's Epistles. And so does John's Gospel, etc. 

And I'm saying that that's not inconsistent with the fact that God Himself never changes. Certainly He never changes His own Nature. 

But God has at times chosen to change what He required men to do - without changing Himself.

I think the Feasts, like animal sacrifices, were something which has found its fulfilment in a real and spiritual way without the annual seasons, months and dates being the important thing now. 

And of course after about AD70 the question of whether or not to keep the Law was really voided by the circumstances.

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