Sunday, 3 July 2016

We're Not in Exile

Before Israel went into captivity, the prophets warned about it.

They also promised Israel's restoration.

It happened.

They said Messiah would come in that historical setting.

He did. Jesus.

Many didn't believe though: they stumbled because His Kingdom is in two phases - inauguration and consummation.

First as suffering Saviour - then as coming King.

Kingdom within you - then Kingdom visible.

But it's already inaugurated, through the cross.

We're not in captivity. We are in the Kingdom, awaiting its consummation when He comes.

Meanwhile we abide in Him - we don't carry out the Feasts still, as if He has not come at all.

We're not still under the Law in the sense that Israel didn't yet have the New Covenant while they were in captivity.

We are in the time of fulfilment already - and it's being outworked in two phases.

Christ's first coming, then second coming.

The Kingdom Already/Not Yet.

We're in a totally different dynamic to Israel in captivity.

A whole New Covenant. 

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